Tonight I dive below where my deepest dreams reside
In my heart’s most aching space
And I feel that hollow place
Where I heard your voice before I knew its sound

And as I ride this wave wondering which way it will go
And what things I will see
And how long it will be
I call upon this aching lonely strength

To help me wind and wander on through fragile night and day
While wind and water flow
And I don’t know where I go
Except to the realms of this most vivid dream

Where I can speak to birds and ask them which way I should fly
Colors change at night
And clouds lift in flight
Leaving just the moonlight on your face

And I fall into this strange and magic dream where we collide
Even though I fear
That the time may not be near
When I can fall into your arms, and sleep . . .

With the silver threads of moonlight
on your most beautiful face

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