Immense expanse of time
Crackling with fearsome, energetic force
Lighted beacons of hope,
Or maybe danger,
Strung throughout the vastness of empty space
On invisible wire

What happens to us,
To our departed,
To love deconstructed: what happens
When these are flung out of orbit?
The flight path of your atoms persists
Like the echo of collapsing stars.

Can you hear my heart,
Can you hear my heart speaking to you?
Into this frightening infinite darkness,
Across a trillion light years:
Even there, wherever you are,
Can you still hear my heart calling to you?

When I listen,
I merely hear the static of silence.
Could it be you have forgotten me,
Could it be you do not call,
Or could it be my thoughts
Are the static on the line
That prevents my heart from hearing your voice?


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