Local Woman Gives Friend "Van Gogh" Haircut


Boulder, CO - Local woman Rachel X apparently gave her friend Jared Hamlet a "Van Gogh" haircut yesterday, euphemizing the fact that Jared is now missing half an ear on his left side.  Said X, "All afternoon I had visions of the Starry Night, which was what Van Gogh painted from his hospital window in Arles, were I will be visiting this week.  Looking back, I can see that it was a prophecy just waiting to be fulfilled."

            The incident occurred when X was trying to trim the hair above Horney's ear.  Apparently Hamlet's anecdotes about his first kiss, which took place around the first grade, were sharply funny, but not as sharp as the precision sewing scissors being used for the haircut.  "What can I say?" said X.  "I was mesmerized by his beautiful hair.  Then he made me laugh . . . and his ear wound up on the floor."

            "Beauty doesn't come without pain," said Hamlet in reference to his new look.  People undergo pain for tattoos and body piercings.  Why not lopped off ears?  The Van Gogh look, I'm telling you - it's going to be all the rage.  Just one hot flash of pain, a little blood, and you've got the RADDEST LOOK EVER."

            Apparently Hamlet's roommates are also lining up to have Ms. X lop off their ears.

Coup de cheveux à la Van Gogh - expertise par les mains de Rachel X


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