Girl Breaks Toe Over Own Shoes


Boulder, CO-  A local woman known to the general populace as Rachel X, and to a particular circle of friends as "the girl," artfully broke her toe tripping over her own shoes this morning.  One of the creepy tresspassers-by of the weedy area behind her apartments described the event:  "I prefer not to think of myself as a peeping tom, but rather as an espying thomas . . . while I was making my usual rounds this morning, I stopped to look in one of my favorite windows; the girl who lives there painted her room red, which I find most fascinating.  She stumbled out of bed bleary-eyed, and tripped over her own shoes, artfully landing en pointe, then cursing in a most melodious fashion."

"That'll teach me to leave my crap all over the floor," said X.  "I already had to go to the doctor today for something else, but as luck will have it, I now have an excuse to not go back to work after the appointment, even though I'm only going to fix the toe myself with a Kleenex papier-mâché cast."  X continued to rant on and on about the negative side effects of fluorescent lighting and badly ventilated basement cubicle-style offices.

X added that she is trying to quit her day job in favor of making these papier-mâché casts in a variety of styles and colors to sell on Pearl Street Mall.


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