Rachel Blackmon is a writer and artist living in New York City.  Rachel's maternal grandmother, Theone Hughes, was a literature professor who often gave Rachel and her brother books as gifts.  Rachel also remembers being in her grandparents house and loving the smell of the books in the study.  Her grandmother enjoyed reading her own stories and gave her encouragement.

After college, Rachel studied fiction writing at NYU's MFA in creative writing program under the guidance of E.L. Doctorow, Paule Marshall, Brian Morton, and Chuck Wachtel.  The program was a fantastic way to develop and refine writing skills in a warm and intelligent community.

Shortly after finishing the program, Rachel joined NYC Teaching Fellows, where she taught middle school French, English, creative writing, and small group ESL to French speakers in the central Bronx.  Her favorite memories are of her students, whom she still holds in her heart, taking ownership of their writing and finding their voice.  Some kids gravitated toward creative tasks while others were intimidated by it, but over time rose to the challenge and opened new doors to expression and learning.

Rachel has also been engaged in every possible creative hobby under the sun since childhood: sewing and fashion design, cooking, jewelry making, drawing and painting, and writing music.  She has an additional website dedicated to teaching others her creative passions at www.rachelshouseofcraft.com